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Background - HobbiesThe finish line in San Diego, Suzuki Rock 'n Roll, June 4th, 2002, my 1st marathon...

In my free time, I train to run marathons to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I joined this neat group after training on my own for and running my first marathon in San Diego (Suzuki Rock n' Roll) in June 2002: I felt that the distance would seem shorter if I was the aim of the "Go Team!!!" all along the way.

On my own, Humboldt Rewoods, Oct. 20th, 2002, at the half mark


It turned out that the distance did not get any shorter at all, but it got put into a more realistic perspective when compared with the struggles of cancer survivors.


After my first season in the Fall of 2002 (Humboldt Redwoods in October and Honolulu in December) , I stayed engaged as a mentor in the Spring of 2003 but twisted an ankle and had to renounce to the Anchorage Mayor's Midnight Sun marathon in June.

1st season with TNT: Honolulu 2002, Dec. 8th, Mile 10, still smiling...



I ran the Honolulu marathon again in December 2003, always with the Leukemia Society, in 4:50... After that, I create a new equation: 20 lbs too many = 50 min more. So I lost 14 lbs during the Winter and broke 4:00 hrs at the Avenue of the Giants marathon in May 2004 (3:58:30). Later in June, I ran the Anchorage marathon in 4:07. And at the end of the year I ran Honolulu again, this time in 5:50, more for the fun than for the performance.

I am now training for the Avenue of the Giants again on May 1st, 2005, but I will probably run only the Half Marathon. Later this year, I am still hesitating between San Diego and Anchorage in June.

, I am still mentoring with Team In Training and I plan to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.



To help me support a great cause, please make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society via my fundraising website:

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