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Management Consulting - Services

I offer a variety of services geared toward leadership effectiveness

Executive Coaching

Whether you are thinking about yourself or one of your reports, one-on-one coaching offers a powerful set of tools to address issues such as building trust, influencing peers and managers, energizing a team, repairing relationships, or becoming less operation and more strategy focused.

f appropriate in your surrounding, it is recommended that a 360 evaluation, by questionnaires or interviews, be performed for impact evaluation prior to coaching.


"Feedback is not the breakfast of champions; it's the lunch. Vision is the breakfast. Self-correction is the dinner." (Stephen R. Covey)


Strategic Planning

Is your organization trying to outline rapidly and specifically the road ahead? Are you struggling to squeeze all the creativity out of your team without wasting time and energy in endless unproductive meetings?

Strategic planning is the reflective process that will leverage on the synergy of several brains engaged in the high risk task of designing and implementing change. Some people simply call it surviving.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." (Alan Kay)

Team Effectiveness Training

The most valuable resource, on any project, are your people. They are almighty: they can reduce cost, beat deadlines, and deliver beyond expectations.

Do they want to? Are they fully aware of what is in for them? What portion of your time do you dedicate to help them find out?


"Two heads are better than one." (Author unknown to me... Any idea???)

Conflict Resolution

Open or covert, resentment is problably the next major source of professional waste after laziness and incompetence have been addressed. Why make work more difficult than it has to be? Life is too short, and the best way to improve productivity is to have people looking forward to coming to work.

Eliminate counterproductive negative feelings. Address and resolve conflicts explicitely, so that all the brain power of your organization remains focused on getting the job done and having fun in doing so.

An angry man opens his mouth and closes his eyes." (Fortune cookie)

Information Systems

A thorough functional analysis of your processes, backed up with appropriate database development and project management techniques, will eliminate frustration, enhance clarity, and have a direct positive influence on the bottom line, whether it is time-to-market or cost reduction of services.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well." (Author unknown to me... Any idea???)