Jean-Frederic Aboudarham, M.Eng., Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology and Management Consulting










(650) 224-0085


Clinical Psychology Services
Clinical Psychologist, License # PSY 16950

Recent Activities

I work with adults and adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. My expertise is in the treatment of anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders. I also facilitate at times a Cognitive-Behavioral therapy group for high functioning bipolar patients in my private practice in Mountain View. (The group is not running currently 10/08).

Finally, I have supervised and trained psychology students in an area of practice that is generally broached only theoretically during the school years: countertransference, or the feelings a therapist experiences in reaction to a client.


"We sometimes fail to think of our role in the family as a leadership role, [...]! One of the greatest legacies we can leave our children is a sense of purpose and responsibility to correct principles." (Stephen R. Covey)