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Car crash in South Africa

When we were driving back home from the game reserve, we turned right at a traffic and a car coming from the other direction crashed into us.

When I got out of the car, my stomach really hurt because I shuffled in the car and my seat belt when into my tummy.

The airbag popped into my mother's sister's face. Nobody got hurt. We were lucky.

The police came and check what happened. Then they took us home.

Going skiing with my Dad

When I go skiing with my Dad, at that time he always calls me "Macky" for some reason.

And he usually goes ahead of me and I call him but he ignores me. So I take the obvious path and then I always find him.

Except once, in Yosemite. I wanted to ski one way, and he wanted to ski the other way. So we said we would split and meet here again in a little while. But I got scared on the slope because I went down a mogle path.

My Mom, who was at the bottom of the slope when my Dad came back heard that he had lost me and was looking for me. She freaked out and almost killed him that day too.

I had taken my skis off and walked down the slope to the bottom and sat at the bench waiting for them.

And finally my Mom and Dad found me. They were worried a lot.